Graphic & Motion graphic designer. Based in Edinburgh & Glasgow. My practice focuses on investigating visual aesthetics through combinations of tactile and digital matter for printed matter, publications, and design for screen.

I also run a small design studio Fed & Watered. We are a design, direction, and branding studio based in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The idea behind the studio is simple — we specialise in food, drink, and all things hospitality. Our design ethos focuses on crafting contemporary, honest, and useful design for the everyday.

Brand identity
Promotional material
Printed matter
Web design/build
Motion graphics
External events / Pop-ups

Vile Supper Club 

Vile is documented in an environment that opposes the stereotypical supper club, crude and cold. The photographs are taken under a large council estate known as the banana flats thus representing the environment of the so called ‘lower class’. The building is a constant reminder of the large and very apparent gap within our social classes in society, this demonstrates the inability to break out of your habitus. Each course is put together through a menu of mundane and everyday junk food. Vile aims not to glamorise the supper club but question it's ideology.